Project Description


A Different Approach

Introducing Environment-Friendly Treks & Expeditions for our guests plus will educate people how to manage waste in the mountains & how to segregate the waste.

New trip options like Cultural & Spiritual Trips, Yoga trips, Emotional & Mental well-being, Bike Trips in the Himalayas, Detox stays & trips.

  • Experiencing lesser-known trails.
  • Reducing ecological footprint.
  • Integrate locally sourced food and beverages.
  • Cultural immersion.
  • Support communities in remote hamlets.
  • Women empowerment and child protection.
  • Proper waste management on the trails.
  • Responsible resource consumption.
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How it Helps the Himalaya



Providing employment options to village men as well as women in the organizing team, gender equality, training to young women for becoming professional mountaineers.

A huge amount of our earnings will be used in the sustainable development of the Himalayan villages.

Providing Eco friendly easy ways for solo & group travellers.


What our Clients Say…..

I walked with Kavita , my excellent tour-guide, up on Chandrashilla on 4000m for sunrise. I will never forget this experience and the wonderful view up there.Kavita is an inspiring and very helpful person.
She knows the area very well and I can only recommend her for any trip in the Himalayas. I stayed there for three weeks. Every day was just amazing and wonderful.Take a step with her. You will love it!

Brigitta Thali, Switerland

I did 2 trips with Kavita from “The Mountain Child”, all was absolutely perfect. She is amazing! If you want to have a good time in the Himalayas: book her!

Narada PURNAM, Germany