Your home away from home

Mountain view rooms

Traditional wooden interiors slightly modified for modern comforts, equipped with an electric kettle, warm linens & a spacious bathroom.

In-house cafe

Enjoy freshly brewed coffees with the view of rolling apple orchards and a panoramic mountain view of Khanpa Ri, the seven sisters, Makar Beh & Friendship Peak.

Authentic Indian Meals

Feast on the authentic taste of India with meals served with a generous dose of love :)

A little bit about us...

Welcome to The Mountain Child, where we curate transformative journeys that unite the marvels of nature with profound spiritual exploration. Our mission is to provide life-enriching experiences, fostering self-discovery, inner growth, and a deep connection with the world within and around us.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Kullu valley, our beautiful wood-stone constructed mountain stay offers a serene sanctuary for your soul. Beyond spiritual exploration, we also offer specialized weight loss and fitness programs, catering to your holistic well-being. Join us on this extraordinary journey into oneness, where mindful living, self-discovery, and rejuvenation await.

Our Services

Customized Retreats

Mountains or beaches, hikes or road trips? Join us for our spiritually-approached custom designed trips

Fitness & For-kids Programs

Whether it is weight-loss, achieving fitness goals or turning your child’s complaints into resilience, we’ve got you covered.

Mountain Stay

Stay in our stone-wood constructed home in Shuru village with a beautiful view of the Friendship peak range, Khanpa Ri  & Kullu valley.


"Kavita is a beautiful person inside and out, she cares so much about the project and guests. I felt so welcomed, appreciated and heard."
Nicola Gray
"Best place for outdoor enthusiasts"
Murli Reddy
"Especially we remember her commitment to environmental topics, for example not using any packed food and to reduce waste as much as possible.
Jutta & Andreas

More than leisure...


Our experiences are thoughtfully designed to cultivate a deep connection with nature, mindful living and inner growth.

Custom Itineraries

We carefully curate each journey to accommodate the different fitness levels and experiences of individuals and groups with an open-itinerary approach.

Courses for kids

Channel the high enthusiasm and curiosity of a child and introduce them to nature and an active lifestyle.

True Hiking

Uncover the true essence of hiking, where the journey transcends mere elevation.

Uncompromised sustainability

Our team is dedicated to enriching your experience and upholding our mission of promoting sustainable
outdoor practices

Company matters

At The Mountain Child, our team of motivated and creative individuals are dedicated to curating journeys that connect you with nature.



Founder & Mountain Guide

A compassionate soul who goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels at ease while treading the adventurous paths. She leads by example and continuously strives to make the world a better place.


Aroma Expert & Foreign Relations

An explorer with a heart ignited by wanderlust, Dagmar’s aromatic expertise transforms our retreats into sensory odysseys. With an unwavering commitment to well-being, she adds a touch of magic to each of our journeys.


Co-Host & Technical advisor

Archit is a prime mover of joy, who flourishes in the concrete jungle and also answers to the call of the wild.

Get in touch...

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+91 8126 126 756



The Mountain Child Stay,
Shuru Village, Manali 175143



+91 8126 126 756



The Mountain Child Stay,
Shuru Village, Manali 175143